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A small guide to discovering the beauties of Italy. Destination Weddings in Amalfi Coast.

Who better than a Videographer in Italy can help by writing a small guide for your wedding in Italy. In this first chapter we will look at Campania, precisely the Amalfi Coast. What better place for those who share Italy with the classic narrow streets full of colors and smells, and with its world famous sea. A place full of culture that has its roots in a distant history. Starting from Naples, immediately after the famous Pompeii, the Sorrento Coast begins first and then the Amalfi Coast.

Sorrento is the first village, the largest, an inaccessible coast of terraces sloping down to the sea where orange trees, vines, olive trees and lemons are grown, from which, in spring, a heady scent of flowers rises and from whose fruits the famous limoncello. A small natural paradise that still offers one of the most intense panoramas in the region, between lush vegetation and a sea of ​​turquoise shades. Here are many residences and hotels where you can organize your destination wedding in Italy. I have often worked as a wedding videographer in Sorrento in the very famous Cloister of San Francesco, the perfect place for the ceremony and the following couple session.

Destination Wedding videographer in Capri
Capri Wedding

Destination wedding videographer in Massa Lubrense
Massa Lubrense Drone area footage

The Sorrento peninsula continues with Massa Lubrense and Nerano, very famous summer destinations, where you can enjoy nature and good food; Spaghetti alla Nerano is very famous, with courgettes and provolone del monaco, a typical cheese from the Lattari mountains.

The pearl of the Amalfi Coast is right there, we are very close to Positano.

destination wedding videographer in Positano
Positano View

One of my favorite places in the world and the ideal set for a destination wedding in Italy. Here I worked very often as a wedding videographer in Positano. A village that slopes down to the sea where each road offers a breathtaking view of the small fishing gulf.

Here it is a must to take some pictures on the beach with all of Positano behind you, a real film set. The choice for a hotel to entrust your most important day to is varied, you will find all kinds.

After a succession of curves, perhaps aboard an Italian icon like Alfa Romeo, we reach Praiano first and then Amalfi. Praiano is a small village with a majestic church overlooking the sea. Praiano develops at the emerged base of Monte Tre Pizzi and extends to the Marina di Praia, the suggestive beach located at the end of the Praia valley and set between high rocky ridges. Sometimes with my couples we took a boat here for sunset photos with Positano as a background, really exciting.

The Cathedral of Amalfi is certainly the most representative monument, a place of worship and a pillar of the Amalfi landscape.

The main monument and pride of Amalfi, the cathedral, dedicated to Sant 'Andrea, has a facade with decorated mosaics and is accessed via an imposing staircase.

Starting from the cathedral, going down among the various shops, perhaps walking with a local cuoppo of fried anchovies, you reach the port where you can admire Amalfi in all its beauty. It is among the most popular destinations for a destination wedding on the Amalfi coast. Besides being a wedding videographer in Amalfi, I also often work in Ravello. In fact, from Amalfi, looking up we can admire Ravello in all its beauty.

It dominates the entire coast. Cinematic set for numerous Hollywood films, including the latest Tenet, offers a unique view in the world. The infinity terrace of Villa Cimbrone is its emblem.

Organizing your destination wedding in Ravello in its cathedral or villas is a real blessing for the eyes. Whenever I am in Ravello for a wedding, I feel very lucky to be a wedding videographer in Italy.

Atrani, Maiori Minori, Erchie, Cetara and Vietri are the last villages on a coast that reaches Salerno. Along its entire length, the Amalfi Coast is the ideal place for any destination wedding, which has the sea, good food and the Italian spirit in its essence as a priority.

In the next post we will talk about Tuscany, another splendid destination for your wedding in Italy. There is no doubt being a wedding videographer in Italy is a great fortune.

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