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Castello di Praia a Mare Wedding Videographer. Destination wedding in Italy.

Aggiornamento: 21 dic 2020

I'm a Destination Wedding Videographer in Italy and When Daniel contacted me through the site last November telling me that he and his fiance would be married in the castle of Praia a Mare in Calabria, everything I would have expected except to find myself in a real fairy tale. The cold on my arrival was pungent, the wind was strong and the sea rough. Their more than a destination wedding was an Engagment, with the family and a few friends in tow. The ritual took place on the main terrace near which Joanna was prepared as a real Queen, while Daniel a few meters down in a castle apartment. The ritual of the sand along with many emotions have seasoned everything. Telling their stories with my destination wedding film is among the things I love most in the world. Italy remains a beautiful place as a destination for international weddings.

Here is my video of that day.

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