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Finally Italy. Finally, we are back to filming destination weddings.

Wedding Videographer in Italy, Positano. I titled this article of my blog, Finally Italy, because this year we finally return to tell stories, to get excited with our couples.

Alessandra and Sean chose Positano as the destination of their wedding in Italy, they continued to choose Italy after a year of stoppage caused by the pandemic, and they believed in it.

Wedding Videographer Positano

They and their loved ones, many of whom had very deep roots with the Amalfi area, were excellent companions in adventure and I am happy to have been their videographer in Positano.

The Marincanto Hotel, precisely the Incanto apartment, was the location chosen for the getting ready and the reception where their dream came true among the pastel colors of its walls.

Wedding day in Positano

Sean, on the other hand, got ready at the Bouganville Hotel, almost in the center of Positano.

The religious ceremony took place in the fantastic Duomo of Positano, followed by the inevitable walk down to the beach and by boat where we witnessed a magical sunset.

Photographer : Rossini Photography

Here is a small trailer of our day together.

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