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Hotel Marincanto Wedding Videographer - Elopement in Positano

Aggiornamento: 6 nov 2021

Wedding Videographer Positano. Filming elopements happens to me more and more frequently, and I'm really happy about it, because I love filming the most intimate and true moments.

Wedding Videographer Positano

Elopement means reaching a destination, in this case Positano in Italy, and celebrating a marriage without having anyone around, just love. Because it is only two. The groom and the bride.

Wedding Videography Italy
Destination Wedding Italy

In this case together with these two, there were the respective brother and sister. It was truly magnificent. The ceremony on the terrace of the Marincanto in Positano and then down to the sea for an aperitif.

Weddings in Marincanto Romantic Hotel Positano
Marincanto Terrace

Wedding Ceremony Positano
Ceremony Ballons

Emma Events Wedding Planner took care of everything , with a breathtaking dinner on Positano at sunset. Destination wedding with a lot of people is always the most common choice, living the day with loved ones and friends. But the elopement remains a choice that I like and gives me the honor of being able to attend a unique moment and being able to tell it with my eyes.

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