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Intimate Wedding in Italy, Alex+Heather.

Aggiornamento: 6 nov 2021

Wedding Videographer in Italy. When Heather contacted me, she immediately told me about this wedding she was organizing in Italy, and was looking for a videographer who could tell everything she had in mind. And she had so many in mind.

bride to be

The wedding had to take place entirely by boat, it had to be very intimate and fun. Even the Ceremony should have been held off the coast of Capri by boat. Unfortunately we didn't foresee the bad weather and the clouds, the harbor master's did not let us out. Perhaps this happening would have discouraged any couple, but not Alex & Heather.

Wedding Amalfi Coast

Flower bouquet and Bride and groom

What came out was the craziest marriage this season. Ceremony among the boats on the rocks, intimate reception and lots and lots of party, under the sun or the rain, made no difference. We had so much fun. It's definitely one of the most beautiful and fun destination wedding I've had the pleasure of telling.

Ceremony on the rocks

Here all their joy

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