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Parco dei Principi Wedding Videographer. A Destination Wedding in Sorrento - Italy

Aggiornamento: 6 nov 2021

Wedding Videographer Sorrento

I'm a Wedding Videographer in Sorrento and Stefano and Katya got married in one of the beautiful place in Sorrento, Parco dei Principi. The sea in front of us, a majestic garden behind, and a lots of love. Sorrento’s landscapes is always something so beautiful to experience, those places leaves you breathless.

The civil ceremony took place at the Correale museum, and then threw us into the noisy lanes of Sorrento. It was an intimate wedding in Sorrento, among my favorites to film. On this occasion I was joined by the team of Due Punti Wedding Photography, for a very special job. Here you can see my wedding videography in Sorrento of this day.

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