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Destination Wedding in Tuscany, is always a good idea.

Destination wedding videographer in Tuscany. Thanks to my work as a wedding videographer in Italy, I often manage to reconcile my passion for travel and my work. Tuscany is one of the main destinations for couples who decide to spend the most beautiful day of their life in Italy, among its magical sunsets and breathtaking views. Here I lived unforgettable moments as a tuscany wedding videographer, telling love stories crowned with marriage. Tuscany is a region that includes various areas, each of which differs in landscape, customs and cultures, and of course good food and wine.

Montepulciano Area

Osteria in Pienza


The presence of the vineyards in a Destination wedding in Tuscany is something that will hardly be missed, they will represent the perfect background of the day. Valdichiana, Val d'Orcia, Florence and the Florentine area, Chianti are among the most famous places in this splendid paradise.

The Val d'Orcia, a combination of art and landscape, geographical space and ecosystem, is the expression of wonderful natural characteristics but it is also the result and the testimony of the people who lived there.

A territory for all seasons! From the green woods, to the hills covered with wheat in summer, to the countless shades of autumn colors, to the white landscape of the Amiata covered with snow, up to the freshness of spring colors.

On my Blog you can see and read about the works I did here as a wedding videgrapher in Tuscany. In 2020, due to the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic, we were unable to travel, but we hope that from 2021 we will be able to resume our travels in Tuscany, and in all the beauties of our land.

Who does not remember the majestic landscapes that we may have admired in so many Hollywood films, who have chosen this area of Tuscany to shoot their iconic shots. Below is a video I made on my cell phone this summer with my wife, directly from the very famous The Gladiator. Not bad as a Wedding Videographer in Italy, shooting where Ridley Scott and many others did.


“It is not possible to see more beautiful fields; there is no gorge of land which is not perfectly worked, prepared for sowing. The forment grows luxuriantly, and seems to find in these lands all the conditions that are required to make it thrive. In the second year they sow beans for the horses, because oats do not grow here. They also sow lupins, which are now already green, and bear their fruit in March. The flax too is already sown; in the earth all winter, and the cold, the frost make it more tenacious. " So he wrote, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe in the novel "Trip in Italy" describing this corner of paradise in Italy .


Located between the provinces of Florence and Siena, the Chianti valley has always been considered the heart of old Tuscany and is famous all over the world for its renowned wines.

An eventful history and a winemaking tradition dating back to the 13th century have made this area the ideal place for those wishing to organize a Destination wedding in Tuscany among fantastic vineyards, hills and characteristic villages.

Behind Florence, towards Siena, an obligatory stop is the old medieval village of Greve in Chianti, with its ancient and particular triangular square, bordered by palaces, arcades and loggias.

Florence, the cradle of the Italian Renaissance, a city rich in beauty, everywhere. Here for a destination wedding in Italy there is plenty of choice. An enchanting city that never ceases to surprise, with its masterpieces of art, the colored marbles of the churches and the architecture that evoke its splendor and the role it played in the development of Renaissance culture and art. Founded and inhabited by Italic peoples, Florence extends into a green plain, surrounded by hills dotted with cypresses and olive trees and crossed by the Arno river. Whenever I am in Florence for a destination wedding I cannot help but go to the temple of beauty, the uffizi. Here are the greatest treasures of Renaissance art, from Botticelli to Leonardo.

Videographer in Florence

I have mentioned only some of the Tuscan wonders, there will be a way in another article to talk about the various Siena, Cortona, Arezzo and many others. All Destination wedding destinations in Tuscany. Hoping to be able to shoot every corner of this paradise as a Videographer in Italy.

In the next article I will briefly talk about Lake Como, another all-Italian pearl.

See you soon!

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