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Villa Olimpia, Tuscany Wedding Videographer. A Intimate wedding Videography in Tuscany, Italy.

Aggiornamento: 21 dic 2020

My Wedding Videography in Tuscany has found a new chapter last august when I was lucky enough to film the intimate wedding of Joolia & Doho. These gorgeous two have chosen the Tuscan hills as their background, Villa Olimpia, near Arezzo. Our friend of adventurers were Slava Mishura and wife.

Wedding Videography Tuscany

The weather initially did not seem to go very well with us, clouds were on the horizon, but in the end everything went well. The getting ready was followed by the ceremony and then everyone to celebrate with the products that only Tuscany can offer.

Wedding Couple Session Tuscany

Wedding Ceremony in Tuscany

The Cinta Senese (a Tuscan pork) was one of my favorite dishes. This is also the beauty of my work :) Everything was best coordinated by Patrizia, of InTuscanyWedding. Giving an emotion has always been my job, and those of the most important day of your life are certainly a good responsibility, but filming these destination weddings in Tuscany is something unique and exciting. Being a wedding videographer in Italy allows you to shoot the most beautiful and luxurious wedding venues in this country style home. #weddingvideographeritaly #weddingvideographertuscany #destinationweddingitaly

Here the Video

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