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Agriturismo Le Bolli, Tuscany Wedding Videographer. Videography in Italy

Aggiornamento: 27 ott 2021

Wedding Videographer in Tuscany. Planning a destination wedding in Italy must be a great challenge. Choosing among the most beautiful places in the world is certainly not a simple thing. Puglia, Amalfi Coast, Sicily, Lake Como and Tuscany are just some of the best known wedding Venues in Italy. Mark & ​​Hillary were more than sure that Tuscany, precisely a small villa in the heart of the Sienese hills, in Radicondoli, could be the backdrop to the most beautiful day of their lives. And in fact on the morning of our arrival we realized that we were truly in an earthly paradise, olive trees and vineyards were our daily bread.

The getting ready inside their elegant rooms, and the ceremony in front of a secular olive tree were exceptional to film. The sunset passed around the historic center of Radicondoli, and the aperitif in the Villa. The classic dinner with the delicacies that only Mediterranean cuisine can give, the moment of cutting the cake and first dance.

Among the couples that I was lucky enough to film, Hillary and Mark really gave me some good vibes, I am always happy to be able to give joy with my films after some time.

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