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Destination Wedding Sardinia

Destination Wedding Italy.I was on vacation in Croatia, when I received the request of this very kind Slovak girl, Gabi, who asked me for the availability of filming their destination wedding in Sardinia, precisely in the south, near Cagliari. Santa Margherita di Pula, a beautiful village overlooking the Sardinian sea, where she and Jankto would have eternal love first.

The Is Morus Relais is a magical place, cradled by the sea and at peace with the world, elegant, refined. The day before the wedding, we had a small couple session on the beach at sunset, in order to also get to know each other and exchange some opinions about the day after. Which arrived very soon. Accompanied by some family members, the ritual was held in front of the sea, at sunset. It was truly a well-organized intimate wedding, where the splendid Sardinian coast was the setting.

I remember it with affection, as well as for the sweetness of the couple, also because it was one of my first destination weddings in Italy.

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