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La Foce Wedding Videographer, A Destination Wedding in Tuscany.

I had the pleasure and honor of being the videographer of the wedding in Tuscany, at La Foce di Maria and Blue. To say that they are a magnificent couple full of joie de vivre is an understatement.

The wedding was a continuous celebration and the Foce gardens were the perfect setting.

La Foce, Tuscany

Garden La Foce Tuscany

La Foce is located in Tuscany, in the province of Siena. One of my favorite areas together with Val D'Orcia. Having the opportunity to be a wedding videographer in Tuscany is to be able to film weddings in places like Foce, where everything is surrounded by great beauty. It's then my turn to put everything on video, all the colors and emotions of such a great day.

The wedding ceremony takes place in the beautiful garden, where the bride's arrival can be shot from a privileged observation point with a truly breath-taking final effect

Wedding Day at La Foce, Tuscany

Getting ready can be done inside the beautiful villa overlooking the garden, where immediately after the ceremony we spent a couple of hours with the classic Italian aperitif, a real must!

couple session in La Foce, Tuscany

Destination Wedding Videographer in La Foce, Tuscany

The dinner with the final party instead in the garden in the other part of the estate, under a starry sky and accompanied by the noise of the Tuscan hills.

Being a wedding videographer in La Foce gives me the opportunity to return often and it's a dream to be able to film destination weddings in Tuscany

Here the Intro of this amazing Destination Wedding in Tuscany At La Foce.

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