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Destination Wedding in Umbria, Italy

Aggiornamento: 27 ott 2021

Destination Wedding in Umbria. On August 1st of last year I was with my wife, my second camera sometimes, we went to Mark and Sarah for their destination wedding in Italy, precisely in Umbria. Between the cities of Montefalco and Todi.

Lands of good wine and bright colors.

It was a magnificent experience wrapped in greenery, and the sweet freshness of a late summer afternoon. The farmhouse is called Casa Martana, a splendid place located on a hill overlooking the whole valley, full of vineyards. The sunset ceremony did the rest. Both got ready in the Villa and then met the first time a few minutes before the Ceremony, it was like they hadn't seen each other for some time, but in those clothes it always has a certain effect.

Work companion was Paola Simonelli, with whom we felt really good.

We hope to still be able to film others Destination Wedding in Umbria

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