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Domus Laeta Wedding Videographer An Amazing Destination Wedding in Giungano, Italy.

Aggiornamento: 6 nov 2021

Destination Wedding in Italy

My Destination Wedding Videography in Italy tells about a warm May day. It does not even seem to be in Campania, near the Amalfi Coast, but rather on some Tuscan hill for this Destination Wedding in Italy. Joey and Natasha chose The Domus Laeta in Giungano for their wedding.

Domus Laeta in Giungano

Old typical Italian farmhouse, in a village to say the least exceptional and characteristic. Silent but full of color everywhere.

This type of place makes a wedding, a timeless tale, where it is possible to immerse yourself immediately in the Italian convivial spirit. For a wedding videographer it is a pleasure to be in places like this. The preparation took place in two frescoed rooms, both accompanied by their own witnesses and by their dearest people.

Wedding Venue in Italy

Wedding Couple session

In this adventure my partners were Mary and Maurizio of the Quattro Studio. A beautiful sunset accompanied the ceremony, where smile alternated with tears of joy. An aperitif in classic Italian style preceded dinner and lots of fun.

Wedding Ceremony in Italy

Here the trailer of this Destination Wedding in Italy. I hope you can enjoy it.

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